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Today is the official start to the SHOT Show. As I said yesterday This is my first year and all I can sayis WOW!!!.  I covered 19,000 ssteps and just over 6 miles of walking today. buned 2000 caleries and I probably will sleep good tonight.

With that said What's New?  Well most of it I could not take pictures of so there is not alot to go on there. But I managed a few that was allowed. and I will post them on here and edit them into teh tricle once I figure that out...

I dropped in on (this site's host) and was able to get my FFL information verified on the page finally as I am planning to migrate from BigCommerce to AmmoReady as my eCommerce provider.  Not only is it most cost effective, but it us also more geared towards the FFL community with its tools but it just looks better. 

I dropped in to see my rep at RSR Group, but he was way to busy at the time.  I have a couple more days...

I am now officially enrolled in the NICS System and can now perform transfers. Thanks to the FBI in assisting with that this morning. Coincidenally the ATF did not show up today due to the shutdown. 

As promised I made a visit to Ruger to ask about left handed Precision Rifle and was told if I get 4000 orders then they would possibly run them... Confirmed Paid Orders....Coincidentally, for you leftys out there. Green River is making an M14 in a lefty...  $1595.00 Tell them I sent you... 

I picked up a couple more suppliers today so I can bring you the lowest prices availible. 

I made it over to Rhino Metals and met the Manspot, Wifespot and Crispy was there too. Mr Littles was not availible for comments as the Show is for 16 and older.

Dave's SHOT Show Chronicles

Posted: 01/22/2018 @ 21:55

Being as the Ink is barely dry on my FFL this is my first experiance with SHOT Show.  I accidentially booked my flight a day early which in itself was not a bad idea as getting into the hotel at 0400 the day before gives some time to adjust to the schedule. 

So it is Monday... Industry Day at the range.  I was not invited so I had to sit this one out. But at the Ventian they opened a Day early for the Suppliers Gallery.  Not exactly what I was looking for but I did find Some contacts for some things that may be useful in he near future.  Tooling Dealer with a guy in Madison Indiana.  And a hydrographics guy from Wisconsin that offers up classes through the NRA schools of Gunsmithing.. 

I road the shuttle this morning with a guy that used to live in Louisville He worked for WQMF at one point in his carrer, and is a personal friend of the Legendary Coyote Calhoun, since retired DJ from WAMZ.  I did not catch his name But chances are, I will bump into him yet again soon. 

Brief History

Posted: 01/18/2018 @ 15:44

Brownie's Gunsmithing, LLC was created in December of 2015 out of a conversation between friends.  the 2016 Presidential election was running its course. and it was unclear then just how the 2nd Amendment was going to fair.  One of us said, why don;t we become Gunsmith's?  This was in November-ish... In December, with $39 and logging into I created an LLC at which point Brownie's Gunsmithing, LLC was born.

Coupled with my experiance from time I served in the Marines, I began taking classes for gunsmithing.  I completed the course at Penn Foster in 2016.  I am currently taking the Online Pistolsmithing Course that American Gunsmithing Institute.

I applied for my FFL in October 2017, December 29th was my ATF Interview, and I am still awaiting the arrival of my License as of January 18th. 

I will be attending SHOT Show this year to see the new stuff, make some contacts directly with the manufacturers and trying to get the best deals to be competitive with not only the other Local Gun Shops but also the online marketplace as well.